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Global events at which CAERvest® is represented:


7th October 2018 – The Oxford Half Marathon

CAERvest®  was present at the Virgin sponsored Oxford Half Marathon in October.

16th September 2018 – The Berlin Marathon

We are pleased to announce that CAERvest®  was on standby at the Berlin Marathon for the first time in September 2018.

15th July 2018 – The British 10k

CAERvest®  was available to medics at the Virgin British 10k run in London to help combat heat-related illness.

13th-15th June 2018 – Combat Medical Care

Representatives of the Company were supporting Ecumed GmbH at Combat Medical Care in Ulm, Germany during the event in mid-June.

20th May 2018 – The Hackney Half Marathon

CAERvest®  was deployed at the Hackney Half Marathon this year where runners experienced unrelenting high temperatures after the early cloud cover dissipated.

15th April 2018 – The Brighton Marathon

CAERvest® was on hand for the Brighton Marathon 2018 where medics used it to cool the most severely overheated patients.

25th April 2017 – [email protected]

CAERvest® was shortlisted to the final 12 contenders in the [email protected] competition where entrepreneurs receive Royal acclaim from the Duke of York.

23rd April 2017 – The London Marathon

CAERvest® was held in the Intensive Treatment Units at the Virgin London Marathon for the emergency treatment of heatstroke.

9th April 2017 – The Brighton Marathon

CAERvest® was deployed in multiple instances at the Brighton Marathon racecourse in April where it ensured the effective treatment of overheated runners.

23rd – 25th June 2016 – The National Athletics Trainer’s Association (NATA)

A representative of the Company attended the NATA clinical symposia and AT expo in Baltimore, Maryland, where the results of the CAERvest®/Korey Stringer Institute clinical trial into exertional heatstroke were presented in poster format. 

24th April 2016 – The London Marathon

Having been used to save lives at the London Marathon in 2015, organisers of the event have been keen to see the implementation of CAERvest® at all sporting events. CAERvest® cooling devices were held in the intensive therapy unit tents periodically along the course and at the Marathon finish line to ensure that medics were able to respond rapidly to anyone suffering from heat illness.

17th April 2016 – The Brighton Marathon

After successful treatment of heatstroke at the event last year, Brighton Marathon event organisers stocked CAERvest® at the 2016 event for medics to use in cases of heatstroke. The devices were effectively used in numerous cases.

13th March 2016 – The Bath Half Marathon

CAERvest® devices were on standby at the Bath Half to help treat heat related illness.

19th-27th November 2015 – The East African Safari Classic Rally, Kenya/Tanzania

CAERvest® was carried by the medical team supporting the Kenyan Airways East African Safari Classic Rally, restricted to cars manufactured before the end of 1978.  With a new route covering some 4,000 kilometres (2,485 miles) in Kenya and Tanzania, the event is often billed as “The World’s Greatest Rally”. CAERvest® was used to successfully treat three patients with trauma and heat exhaustion with excellent recovery.

17th November 2015 – Pre-hospital Care Clinical Governance Day, Control Tower, North Weald Airfield, Essex

Dr Rowley Cottingham gave a talk on pre-hospital cooling at the Essex Air Ambulance Clinical Governance Day

9th-10th November 2015 – UK Trade and Investment: Innovate 2015

Individuals from the Company attended UKTI’s Global Spotlight on UK Innovation.

29th-30th October 2015 – European Resuscitation Council (ERC) Guidelines Conference, Prague, Czech Republic

Officers of the Company representing CAERvest® were present at the Resuscitation Guidelines Conference 2015. The new ILCOR guidelines continue to support cooling, albeit with new target temperatures to reflect the findings from TTM. See our Academic Papers section for the latest publication.

9th-10th October 2015 – The British Association for Immediate Care (BASICS) Annual Conference, Tortworth Court Hotel, South Gloucestershire

We attended the BASICS conference in Gloucestershire.

28th-30th September 2015 – The Royal College of Emergency Medicine Annual Autumn Scientific Conference, Manchester Central Conference Centre

Members of the Company were present at RCEM to demonstrate CAERvest® and to answer any questions.

23rd-24th September 2015 – The Emergency Services Show at the NEC, Birmingham

CAERvest® exhibited at ESS2015. See the Emergency Services Times article here.

27th June 2015 – LEWA Safaricom Marathon, Kenya

CAERvest® was present at what is regarded as one of the toughest marathons in the world which is run through some of East Africa’s most beautiful scenery.  This event was established and organised by Tusk Trust as its own flagship fundraising initiative to support pre-defined conservation, education and community projects in Kenya.

16th-28th June 2015 – Race Across America

CAERvest® supported Shusanah Pillinger, the first British woman to complete the Race Across America, in her 3,000 mile solo cycle across the continent in aid of the Hertfordshire Air Ambulance – see here for more details:

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30th-31st May 2015 – The Vitality World Triathlon, London

CAERvest® was on standby with medics at ITU London to assist in the event of heat exhaustion or heatstroke.  Thankfully none were needed to be used in anger.

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26th April 2015 – The London Marathon

CAERvest® was used to treat several patients suffering from heatstroke at the London Marathon with impressive results.  Professor Sanjay Sharma, Race Medical Director, tweeted after the event “@CAERvest Amazing therapy for serious heatstroke at the @LondonMarathon today. #savinglives”.  We are proud to claim that at least one fatality was avoided through our support.

12th April 2015 – The Brighton Marathon

The first use of CAERvest® to combat exertional heat stress was a remarkable success enabling a participant to reach hospital with a normal core temperature and return home that evening.

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