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BodyChillz Limited is a UK medical device company which was incorporated in September 2013. Since formation, the group focus has been on the release of the first product, CAERvest®, a cooling vest intended for the reduction of temperature in adult patients where indicated, e.g. in hyperthermic patients.

Some key milestones in the Company’s evolution include:

  • September 2013      Incorporation
  • October 2013           First patent application submitted
  • November 2013       Proof of Concept modules created
  • February 2014         First CAERvest® prototype created
  • February 2014         Second patent application lodged
  • July 2014                 Second CAERvest® prototype created
  • August 2014            Pre-clinical trials begin, proving the product’s efficacy and safety
  • September 2014     Third and final CAERvest®prototype created
  • November 2014      Pre-clinical trials completed
  • February 2015         CE mark approved for CAERvest® allowing sale in the EEA
  • February 2015         CAERvest® product launch UK
  • April 2015                First public advertisement in Ambulance Today
  • April 2015                First patients successfully treated at Brighton & London Marathons
  • July 2015                 Clinical trials on EHS begin at the Korey Stringer Institute, UConn
  • July 2015                 First use of CAERvest® on cardiac arrest patients in UK and US
  • August 2015            Press coverage from Daily Mail regarding CAERvest® marathon use
  • Nov 2015                 Conclusive reductions in core body temperature in KSI trial
  • April 2016                CAERvest® at major UK sporting events including London Marathon
  • June 2016                First peer reviewed publication on CAERvest® patient treatment
  • September 2016      Heatstroke trial at Hajj initiated, more press coverage
  • October 2016          Company receives coverage in The Times
  • July 2017                 Product evaluation undertaken by US Special Operations Command
  • February 2018         Results of US SOCOM evaluation received
  • May 2018                 Results of USARIEM evaluation received
  • August 2018             First sales to US Military
  • January 2019           Pre-hospital trial of CAERvest in cardiac patients in Europe begins

The Company operates a Quality System that is working towards conformity with ISO13485 for medical device manufacturers.

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