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CAERvest® is the only device of its kind in the world, some of the key benefits of using the product over other cooling modalities include:

  • Quick and easy to deploy – from packaged roll to effective surface cooling in seconds
  • Compatible with defibrillation
  • Compatible with automated CPR devices and manual CPR
  • Small and lightweight when compared to other medical equipment – 6.8kg (15lbs)
  • Maintains cooling for over one hour, normally the full duration of patient transportation
  • Does not impede cannulation or other ALS procedures
  • Controllable cooling, simply reduce the area in contact with the patient
  • No recorded tissue damage
  • Fully self-contained, requires no external power source or prior preparation
  • Ideal for out of hospital and remote field use
  • Stays in place without anchorage during transport, loading and patient care
  • Single patient use allowing assurance to safety and infection control regulatory bodies
  • CAERvest® is the most cost-effective product available for pre-hospital cooling


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