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Cooling Rationale

Active cooling is a treatment method whereby energy is dynamically extracted from the body in order to reduce core temperature for the benefit of health. This treatment may be sought in order to reduce abnormally or dangerously elevated core temperatures, as in hyperthermia or pyrexia, or to instigate a treatment method known as therapeutic hypothermia. During therapeutic hypothermia, a patient’s body temperature is lowered in a controlled manner in order to reduce tissue damage following a loss of blood perfusion, especially to the brain which is highly sensitive to hypoxia (or oxygen depletion).


Following heatstroke, the basic premise of rapidly lowering the core temperature to about 39°C remains the primary goal. Where cold water immersion is not available, CAERvest® offers an effective method of cooling the core body temperature quickly to safe levels.


Active cooling also has potential for use across a range of other pathophysiologies and it is our intention to support further research as to the benefits of therapeutic hypothermia in each case.

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