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Prior to adopting CAERvest®, the team at Bern Fire Service in Switzerland conducted an evaluation which was captured on video. The results speak for themselves.

More than 500 people die of heat stress across Australia each year; the start of 2017 broke records in the states of Queensland, Victoria and South Australia the BBC reports.

Download our information poster showing how to identify the signs of heat exhaustion and stop it progressing to potentially fatal heatstroke

CAERvest® receives coverage in The Times: ‘Is this the Coolest Product on the market?’

CAERvest® receives coverage in the Mail on Sunday following Hajj Trial

Dr Constantin Jabarin, Chief Medical Officer at the Castle Combe Circuit and Medical Director of the Bath and Cardiff Half Marathons talks about CAERvest®

What happens when you get heatstroke? TED Talk by Professor Douglas J. Cassa

CAERvest® gets coverage in the Mail on Sunday after London Marathon success

Time lapse recording of CAERvest® being assembled at our UK logistics centre:

The BBC’s ‘Walking the Nile’, Episode 1, broadcast 11th January 2015

A harrowing documentary showing the serious nature of heatstroke with the sudden death of Matt Power, American travel writer, whilst hiking in Uganda. See 39 mins onwards:

Benjamin S. Abella, Clinical Research Director, Centre for Resuscitation Science

Interpreting the TTM 33 vs. 36 Degree Trial:

Chris Solomons rescue 2010
Real life incidence of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest and its professional treatment:


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