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Storage & Transportation

The packaging adopted for the CAERvest® device has been designed to maintain the product in the best condition possible throughout a range of storage and transportation conditions.  Whilst the chemicals contained within CAERvest® are robust in terms of safety, they are moderately sensitive with respect to environment and product lifetime.  Every effort has been made to select a chemical formula capable of performing when in, or having been stored in, a range of extremes however there are capability limits.  Follow the instructions below to mitigate potential damage arising from extreme environmental factors or hazards arising from misuse.

Instructions for Handling and Storage

CAERvest® chemicals are extremely incompatible with strong acids and bases. DO NOT store CAERvest® alongside acidic, basic or other strong redox chemical supplies or where leakage of the same may occur. This includes, but is not limited to, battery or other acids, bleach or other caustic cleaning agents.

CAERvest® is packaged in a robust, moisture proof wrapper. However, if wrapper is punctured or specific humidity conditions exceeded, its contents will absorb atmospheric moisture and the product life will be reduced. BodyChillz Ltd takes no responsibility for failure if protective sleeve has been damaged. Take care in storage and handling to avoid puncturing wrapper or exposing to high levels of atmospheric moisture. Humidity storage range: 10-75% RH.

CAERvest® is not designed to withstand freezing environments for long periods of time which might adversely affect plastics or chemicals. Store device at room temperature until its use is required. Temperature storage range: +5 deg C to +45 deg C.

Handle CAERvest® carefully. DO NOT allow it to contact sharp objects that may perforate it. If wrapper or device is damaged, discard affected CAERvest®

If CAERvest® is punctured or opened and solution or chemicals contact skin, flush skin immediately with water. If solution contacts eyes, wash eyes thoroughly with water and seek medical advice. If solution is swallowed, drink plenty of water and seek medical advice immediately. Present these instructions to the doctor.

If CAERvest®  is punctured, included reagents might adversely affect structural components in vehicles or metallic components over time. In remote possibility of leakage or spillage of CAERvest® contents onto a vehicle or metallic components, the affected area should be sluiced with copious quantities of water. The vehicle or metallic components should be checked by a competent engineer after such leakage. 

CAERvest® is single use and should be disposed of immediately in accordance with local protocols for potentially contaminated medical devices.

Transport & Storage Label


Ensure that CAERvest®  is not exposed to environmental conditions exceeding those specified above. Large quantities of the product should be palletised to a maximum of five layers per pallet so as to avoid damaging underlying units.

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