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Product Performance

The blend of chemicals contained within CAERvest® has been developed and optimised specifically for the product in consultation with scientists at the University of Brighton. With the complete introduction of fluid from the contained bag, the product is designed to cool sufficiently to lower core body temperature without causing skin burn or frostbite.

Upon fluid introduction, further constituents cause the device to swell and take on a garment like texture which improves patient comfort, ensures homogeneity of cooling and prevents cold spots. Specialised vents allow entrapped air to pass out without causing lock, fluid loss or points of insulation.

The device has been shown to be easy and intuitive to use and controlled clinical trials have demonstrated the product to be safe and effective in reducing core body temperature. CAERvest® is the most adaptable and effective tool in pre-hospital cooling.

Product Performance Figures:

CAERvest® absorbs approximately 843kJ heat energy over one hour.

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